Chinook Award

The Calgary Communications Club sponsors the Calgary Chinook Award.


1. Make 2 way contacts with members of the Calgary Communications Club, any band, any mode. Contacts must have been made after 21 January, 1998.
2. North American stations require contact with 10 members (or 10 points)

3. Other stations require contact with 5 members (or 5 points)

4. Stations normally located in Alberta, must contact 10 members (or 10 points) while operating outside the province of Alberta. (see rule 10)

5. Contact with the club station VE6RH is equivalent to 2 member contacts (2 points).

6. Fee for the certificate is $5.00 CDN (for Canadians), $5.00 US for other stations.

7. QSL cards are OPTIONAL. A log extract showing, Station worked, Date, Time in UTC, Band, Mode and Signal report, is acceptable. eQSL's are acceptable.

8. Application to be certified correct and signed by the applicant.

9. Send application and fee to the CCC Secretary,

Cliff Linton, VE6PLC,

3112 39 ST. S.E.,

Calgary, AB. T2B 1B1. CANADA.


A: Contacts made on 2M through repeaters do not qualify.

B: Contacts made via satellites are acceptable.

C: 2M contacts just across the border are not acceptable.

D: Contacts with members who do not reside in Calgary are acceptable, however, other rules apply.

11. Any decision with regards to certificate qualifications will be at the discretion of the Secretary.

12. Only ONE (1) point is allowed per member. i.e. Persons holding more than one call can only give one member point. The exception is VE6RH, which is the club call, and is equivalent to two points. This rule became effective 1 September 1998.